Cooloola Cove Skate Park

Last month the proposed skate facility at Billabong Park, Cooloola Cove was brought to the Councillor Workshop in Gympie.

The proposal goes back to the masterplan which was initiated in 2016 for the Billabong Park when there were several rounds of public consultation onsite including two rounds with Tin Can Bay school.

In the budget for 2021 Council has been given a grant for $200,744.00 from the Queensland Government’s Works for QLD programme and $165,000 Council Funds.

In April it went out to public tender and four were shortlisted with no local contractors applying.

The cheapest price was $269,000, and all shortlisted proposed to use local suppliers and materials.

Council portfolio holders were briefed last month and bringing it back to council now for consideration.

Dan Stewart said: “Generally speaking we are satisfied with the recommendation. I know Council will agree it’s been a long time coming.”

Cr Jess Milne said: “The young boy who proposed it has actually turned 18 and has a car now but it will be a benefit to the next generation coming through.

“I did like to note that with the cheaper price there might be some scope for the car park which has been a frustration of mine because there is no direct access into Billabong Park when they did the upgrades I believe for the shopping centre and you have to drive through private land to get there so I was happy to see that.”

A council spokesperson said: “Work will commence in early November 2020 and the facility is expected to be completed in early January 2021, pending weather conditions.”