We were pleased to welcome some new faces at our meeting on 11th April and to hear
their first impressions . The condition of the roads is deteriorating, the potholes are back,
often in the original places. A letter will be written to Gympie Regional Council asking for
urgent repair.

Another Clean-Up Australia Day occurred on 17 March and those who attended were
presented with certificates. Look for us at the Markets in Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay and we hope to add your
membership and your voice to the rest of us.

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One of our members is following up the question of Traffic Speed at the junction of
Bayside Road and Gympie/Tin Can Bay Road with Warren Truss, to reduce the speed of
vehicles approaching that junction.

We will be represented on Anzac Day by a member laying a wreath by the memorial.

As you can see we are still working for the community in every way including paying
attention to some of our residents’ worries about the state of our creeks and wetlands.
We can only help to clear, clean and generally look after these areas. There is a
possibility that they could be the cause of some discomfort and health problems of some

Criticism of our work with Cooloola Coastcare shows a lack of understanding. Our
partnership with Coastcare is a direct response to members’ & residents’ concerns about
the condition of our storm water creeks. Unfortunately, Council’s own mowing/slashing
only exacerbates the problem and we are negotiating constantly to find ways of dealing
with this.

Coastcare have obtained the grant, they do the lion’s share of the work and after all this,
those of our members, who are interested, assist in the final stages. If members want to
get involved in this type of service to the community, then we should all be grateful.
Please join us and add your thoughts and ideas to ours.

ccrfi 2
Next meeting will be on Thursday 9th May at 7pm in the Veterans & Community Hall,
Cooloola Cove.

Contact Joan – Secretary – 5488 0436 or 5488 0065 for further information.


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