Cooloola Cove Residents and Friends Inc

Notice of AGM. Our AGM will be held on October 17 at 11am after our 10am General Meeting. Nomination forms available from the Secretary and they must be returned by October 3.

Several of our CCRNFI members recently attended the latest Council ‘Disaster’ workshop held at our Cooloola Coast Disaster headquarters and this time it was our task to work out how to plan a mock evacuation of 7,500 pedestrians – no vehicles – from Fraser Island in a pending emergency, onto barges to Inskip Point then onto mini buses and big buses from Gympie.

Some could stay in the local evacuation centre, but most were sent on to Gympie etc. It was estimated to take nine hours to do this, as long as no hazards, such as road closures, breakdowns etc., cropped up.

Exercises like this give the local essential services and laymen volunteers a view into what could happen and how to practice or develop skills to handle it.

The storm season is looming again so it is vital to be prepared. Normally in an emergency CCRNFI’s main role would be information sharing.

Next meeting 10 am Sept Monday 19, Cooloola Cove Veterans’ Hall. Secretary / Treasurer

Joan Creswell: 5488 0436.

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