Cooloola Cove Residents and Friends Inc

Our last meeting was mainly concerned with town planning – Council sought input from local families, kids especially, when they held a consultation at Cooloola Cove’s Billabong Park in mid April.

Planning staff and consultants were there to show their proposals to date, and listen to what the kids themselves wanted, in the way of activities and infrastructure in our two main parks.

Plenty of ideas from both sides – these now just have to meld together for the ‘Our Towns’ grant. Good to see so many kids turn up.

Mother’s Day raffle main prizes: 1st is $200 Hair and Beauty treatment (at CC), plus flowers and chocolate, 2nd: champagne and chocolates.  Drawn Saturday, May 7, approx 12 o’clock at Woolworths CC.

Next General Meeting will be 10am May 16 at Veterans and Community Hall, Cooloola Cove.

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