Cooloola Coast Little Athletics

Anjelica makes a flying relay pass

Anjelica makes a flying relay pass

The Centre has been growing in numbers and Coach Bill has been able to create relay teams during training. Sprint skills are developed through the competitive nature of the only team event in athletics.

Participants have been ‘put over the sticks’, an old school term for hurdles. The Centre has a new batch of collapsible type hurdles on order. This will assist training, as they are designed to collapse on contact instead of tip over, making them both safer and easier to use.

All events have been covered during training and the first round of time trials and events measurements have been taken. This gives a base line for personal bests and these will be challenged later in the season. They are also recorded on the Achievements Awards program, with a chance for participants to reach colour level goals.

Our Christmas breakup will be on December 16 and the Centre will recommence training on  January 13 at 7.30am on the Tin Can Bay School oval on Snapper Creek Rd.

If you would like to know more about Little Athletics call Centre Manager Jess Milne on 0411 218 254 or email for further information.

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