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The ‘Butterfly Bush’ is found in dry rainforest - photo by Caroline Taylor

The ‘Butterfly Bush’ is found in dry rainforest – photo by Caroline Taylor

Pavetta australiensis is a shrub occurring in dry rainforest along the Queensland coast and into northern New South Wales. It is often called the ‘butterfly bush’ because it attracts butterflies, including the Richmond Birdwing butterfly, but it is appealing also to other beneficial insects and honeyeaters.

Clusters of white, perfumed flowers that grow in abundance from spring into summer are Pavetta’s main attraction. (Pavetta is from the same family as the gardenia  – Rubiaceae. ) Hard, round berries follow the flowers.

This is a hardy shrub which will tolerate most soils, does prefer some shade –  it is often an understorey plant in its natural environment – and can be pruned to shape.

As with most plants in our environment, mulching is recommended, or it may suffer in prolonged dry periods.

This attractive, aromatic, insect- and bird-attracting shrub will suit any garden and should be more widely known.

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