Coolabay Choir

This choir has been singing for a number of organisations and is always applauded for their versatility.

Going from strength to strength, gaining in confidence and enjoying the pleasure of singing. Their repertoire is getting longer and more adventurous as they practise weekly in the Vets’ and Community Hall in Cooloola Cove at 3pm till 4pm every Wednesday.

We welcome new members who can soon find their level and their voice, either high, medium or low. A certain amount of voice training is included, though nothing too difficult.

The start of each hour is spent on breathing and intonation as well as enunciation. Gradually improving and gaining in confidence, we are now being asked to perform at functions as well as at Music Plus Nights.

Please consider joining, just arrive on any Wednesday at 3pm and see for yourself.

For further info: call Pam 0427 180 649. or email:

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