Contributors and advertisers take note…

Here’s some early notice: deadlines roll around a week earlier in December for the January edition.

Now only one more Community News until Christmas!

If you are looking to up your profile leading into the festive season and our peak holiday period for the year, talk to Heatley about advertising. Also it’s a great time to advertise Christmas and end-of-year party venues or ideas.

Community groups and advertisers, please send Michelle your school holiday activities, Christmas events and initiatives as soon as possible. Advertisers, we’d like to hear about Christmas present suggestions, too!

We are also updating the Visitor Guide. Make sure you are in it!  Send us your photos!

I have included the next few months of dates for you, as Christmas brings dates forward…

Community News deadlines December January
Editorial due November 18 December 10
Advertising bookings November 20 December 13
Advertising copy November 23 December 16
Delivery from December 1 December 28


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