Congratulations Tin Can Bay school leaders!

Principal Desley Kirby congratulates Secondary School Captains Braden Gray, Tehmia Masri, Vice Captain Anna Dunstan, and Student Leader Chelsea Brennan

Principal Desley Kirby congratulates Secondary School Captains Braden Gray, Tehmia Masri, Vice Captain Anna Dunstan, and Student Leader Chelsea Brennan

by Principal Desley Kirby, Tin Can Bay P-10 School

Last month we held our annual Open Classroom and Meet the Parents event which finished with a barbecue at the hall.

Thanks to all our parents who attended and made this a very successful event. Your engagement with our school is key to ensuring successful outcomes for our students. We will be holding community events each term and I look forward to meeting more of our parents throughout the year.

Our Junior and Senior School Captains and House Captains were presented with their badges. They are already playing a key role in our weekly assembly program, and I am confident they will be outstanding role models for their fellow students and wonderful ambassadors for our school.

This year TCB staff have put together a program of lunchtime activities including: running club; skipping; basketball; garden club and ukulele, the Taipans Volleyball program and Student Voice.

Our first P&C meeting next Tuesday is an opportunity for our parents and community to engage with the school in planning and decision making.  The P&C meet in the administration building on the third Tuesday at every month at 6pm.  See you there!

Staff 2017

Principal – Desley Kirby    SWD Teachers – Lauren Thorne, Linda Birse

Deputy Principal (Secondary) – Robyn Cottrell    STLN – Sandra Carroll

Deputy Principal (Primary) – Rob Neisler    HPE – Yas Sauer

Head of Special Education Services – Deborah Honeywill    Music – Erin Truin

Head of Department (Secondary) – Louise Masri    LOTE – Saskia Kloeffell

Head of Department (Student Support) – Dorothy Hogan    Primary NCT – Jade Mahaffey

Master Teacher – Rebecca Turner    Guidance Officer – Gay Toohey


Prep    Lissa Couchman

Prep/Yr 1    Stacey Searl

Year 1    Debbie Bloomfield

Year 2A    Katie Battaglene

Year 2/3    Laurelle Williams

Year 3A    Alison Sands

Year 4A    Kim Reker

Year 4/5    Katie Topalov

Year 5A    Ellen Wright

Year 5/6    Bonnie Johnson

Year 6A    Sarah Dioth


David Arthur    Geography, Humanities, ITD, Reading

Tony Arthur    8A Care, Science, HPE, 7/8 Co-ordinator

Trish McAndrew 9A Care, Access, Economics and Business, Home Eco., Maths, 9/10 Co-ordinator

Lisa Boyd    7A Care, Art, English, History, Humanities, Reading

David Dorey    7B Care, English, Humanities, ICT, Maths, Reading, Science

Nicole Shelford  10A Care, HPE, Maths, Science

Cool lunches

With the adversely hot weather we are experiencing, it’s a great idea to pop in a few ice packs in with the kids’ lunches.  Also, including a large water bottle may help to keep them a little bit fresher and cooler.

Join Garden Club  

Teacher Ms Rebecca Turner and Chappy Ronnie will be running a before-school Garden Club on Wednesday mornings between 7.30 and 8.15am for keen students in Grades 4, 5 and 6.

For new parents, in early 2014 the school became part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, which operates in over 700 schools across Australia and teaches students how to grow vegetables and turn them into delicious, healthy food.

The program held weekly during 2014 and 2015, involved four classes of Grade 5/6 students with the assistance of parents and community volunteers.

As a result of their involvement in the classes, students created their own gardens and regularly took recipes home to cook for their families.

Participants will need to wear a broad-brimmed hat and closed-in shoes. Initially there will be 14 spaces available for interested students, however this may increase with volunteer support. If you have any enquiries or would like to be involved as a volunteer, please contact Chappy Ronnie on 0413 135 867.

School Leaders for 2017


Captains Braden Gray Tehmia Masri
Vice Captains Tim Brigden Anna Dunstan
Student Leader Chelsea Brennan


Tuncun TJ Gray Arwen Van deVorst
Wallu Caleb Chapple-Taylor April Bath
Sports Vice Captains Tuncun Anna Dunstan
Wallu Jye Lovett


Captains Elle Yates Amber Daniels
Vice Captains Elsie Gray Imogen Latimore
Sports Tuncun Blake Hale Isla Gallego
Carlo Clara Roche Rakeen Masri
Wallu Lachlan Kyle Cody Walker

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