Camera Club - Working Dogs - Ann Le-Riche-Perree - AB Grade Honour

Working Dogs – Ann Le-Riche-Perree – AB Grade Honour

By Julie Hartwig, Tin Can Bay Camera Club 

One of the often discussed elements of photography is composition. But just what is it? According to the standard dictionary definition, composition is the factors or parts which go to make something, or the way in which the factors or parts make up the whole; the arrangement into proper proportion or relation and artistic form.

Applied to photography, this means arranging the elements contained within a scene or placing the camera in a certain position so as to capture those elements in an image that is visually pleasing to the human eye. How hard can that be? Rest assured, it involves much more than simply pointing a camera (or phone) and taking a photo!

One of the simplest tools to assist with Composition is the Rule of Thirds. This 9-square (or rectangular) overlay grid enables the maker to strategically position horizontal and vertical lines such as horizons and walls, and points of interest within a scene along the grid lines and at the intersection points where these lines meet. Many camera LCD screens have a Rule of Thirds grid overlay that can be turned on to assist with in-camera composition.

There are some who scorn the use of such rules in photography and while it may be true that rules are made to be broken, my recommendation is to learn how to take photos using the Rule of Thirds until you become familiar with applying it. Then you can begin experimenting by breaking the rule and that will open up a whole new world of photographic creativity. More composition tips next month!

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