Community Gets Involved with the Tin Can Bay Boardwalk

Busy bees planting away along the new boardwalk

Busy bees planting away along the new boardwalk

The last stage of the Tin Can Bay Boardwalk construction was the completion of the rehabilitation planting over an area just shy of 1.6km2.

Roman Contractors put the call out to the community to be involved through the Friends of the Foreshore group and well over a dozen people turned up to get their hands dirty.

Over 430 plants were put in over two areas with a variety of trees, shrubs ,and understory including salt couch, shoreline purslane, pigface, New Zealand Spinach, primrose ball wattle, coastal boobialla, muttowood, pink blackwood, swamp oak, and soapy tea tree.

A special guest overseer was onsite at the second planting area; a stone-curlew kept an eye on the activity while safely tucked under some trees.

Volunteers were treated to a variety of bakery goodies and cold drinks for their efforts.

The boardwalk is currently open for use however there may be interruptions with the installation of the concrete pathways to complete the project so please be mindful of works if enjoying the area.

There are also wayfinding signs, node points where improved seating will be located, and improved shade opportunities through tree planting to improve the pathway experience to be installed.

Take a stroll and check it out!

Jess Milne

The shiny new boardwalk recently built by Roman Contractors for Gympie Regional Council was opened for use just in time for the Easter holidays and has since been enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Stretching from Cod Street to Norman Point, the project now gives access for walkers with children in strollers, wheelchair users, and visitors with limited walking abilities all who are now able to enjoy our stunning foreshore.

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