Community action targets marine debris

We all love our coast and enjoy its pristine beauty, but sometimes don’t recognise the link between our everyday actions and keeping the place we love clean.

For example, a very popular Spring Festival in south-east Qld has a street parade with a gazillion helium balloons which are released along the way (either intentionally or unintentionally).

A strong southerly wind blows – where do you think they will end up? 10/10 if you guessed here in our backyard, becoming life threatening for a multitude of marine life or washing up on our beaches.

Coastcare volunteers are currently collecting and auditing marine debris from Tinnanbar to Maroom, Surfriders Foundation cover Teewah Beach and 4WD groups do clean-ups on Fraser Island.

We need volunteers to tackle Tin Can Inlet and Rainbow Beach, but more importantly, we need local event organisers to take a responsible approach to their events management! Let’s start now, call 0417 554 905 or visit:

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