Comments due for Cooloola Coastal Foreshore Reserves Management Plan

The draft Cooloola Coastal Foreshore Reserves Management Plan has now been released and will be open for public review and comment until May 15.

The Plan was created following community consultation during preparation of the Cooloola Conservation Strategy, and replaces the original Tin Can Bay Foreshore Management plan which was drafted and implemented in the 1990s.

The overarching aim is for the Cooloola Coast’s foreshore reserves to be managed using a balanced approach, complying with relevant legislation and considering a variety of management aspects.

The Cooloola Coastal Foreshore Reserves Management Plan has been written to be an evolving Management Plan that can be modified when required.

Gympie Regional Council Mayor, Mick Curran, said, “The vision stated in the Plan is ‘the Cooloola Coast’s foreshore reserves are managed to enhance and maintain the natural values, whilst also providing recreational opportunities for residents and visitors’.

“The Cooloola Coastal foreshore areas are widely appreciated, beautiful, environmentally significant areas surrounded by an internationally listed Ramsar Wetland. It is vital for us to manage this natural asset to ensure that our region continues to be the natural choice to live, work and play. “

Community feedback from the Foreshore Management Plan will also help in the development of the Marine Plants Management Strategy, through the identification of opportunities and issues in the management of our region’s coastal assets.

The Plan is available in hard copy at council’s libraries throughout the Gympie Region and via council’s website For more information contact Amy Gosley via email or telephone 54810454.

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