Come see the new look “Wall of Shame”

Sam and Maureen Mitchell present their new "Wall of Shame"

Sam and Maureen Mitchell present their new “Wall of Shame”

After 30 years of having a wall of shame at 8 Rainbow Beach Road and then the hassle of moving down the road to number 6, Sam and Maureen Mitchell thought maybe people had had enough of the Wall of Shame.

No more wall of shame???  NO!!

Then came THAT question.  Again and again. Time after time.

“Where is the shop that had all the photos of the 4WDs stuck on the rocks?”

So here it is bigger and better than ever.

Sam and Maureen’s favourite?

“They are all memorable…but the local ones are definitely the best. You don’t have to be a tourist or inexperienced to get stuck…. come have a look and a laugh.”

As Sam says, “We had so many people ask we just had to get the photos back.”

Take a wander down the arcade next to 7th Wave and enjoy the all new Wall of Shame.

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