Come and try sailing!

Sailing has recommenced in accordance with Covid-19 precautions.

The first Sunday races of the series were held in light winds which gradually became lighter and petered out to nothing by the end of the afternoon. By then, with an outgoing tide, this left the last two sailors to perform a ‘Cool Runnings’ manoeuvre and walk their boats to the finish.

On the second Sunday, the wind looked like it might disappear again but, fortunately for all, it held and no-one had to walk home.

Saturday ‘Green Fleet’ and ‘Come and Try’ are also back on the day before race day.

Unfortunately, there will not be any junior sailing course held over the September school holidays, thanks to Covid restrictions. Hopefully, January may be a different story.

For further information regarding sailing sessions, please call Russell 0405 063894 or Kay 0447 631479.

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