Collect your loose change for Rainbow Beach student council

Rainbow Beach State School - Xavier  and Delilah say start collecting your coins!

Xavier and Delilah say start collecting your coins!

by Tina McColl, Acting Principal

We’d like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Grogan on the safe arrival of their new baby boy, born last Sunday, February 5.

The students have all settled in well to the school year, remembering routines and expectations. Our busy end of term includes school photos, Clean-Up Australia Day, a parent meet-and-greet afternoon, a swimming lesson week followed by a swimming carnival, and our school-based cross country.

We have a very motivated team of students in our student council this year. Myself and Sarah Brantz are helping the students this year with their fundraising endeavours.

There were many wonderful ideas shared in our first meeting. We have the old faithful events, such as movie nights, Halloween disco, State of Origin dress day and Rainbow’s Got Talent planned, as well as the Holt Bolt/Fun Run to return in term three. Students have a few charities they would like to fundraise for also.

The first idea we would like you to start preparing for is the Loose Change Trail. We are asking for everyone to collect together all their 5c and 10c pieces so we can organise a day where we bring them all to school and see how far we can make our loose change go.

We will start a path from the 2/3 room and see how far we can make our money go. Can we reach the front gate? Start saving now and keep a lookout for the trail date.

Another term one event is a movie night in the library. This is always popular, and sees students arrive at school in their PJs, with pillow and blanket in hand – we watch half a movie on the big screen, stop for intermission and dinner, then watch the last of the movie.

Staffing for 2017

Prep/1 teacher: Lynne Chamberlain

2/3 teachers: Janine Lawler and Therese Young

3/4/5 teacher: Tina McColl

5/6 teacher: Andrew Walsh and Michael Grogan (Principal)

SWD and STLaN teacher: Libby Margetts

Teacher Aides: Theresa Dargusch, Jill Lane and Sarah Brantz

Guidance Officer: Danelle McKeehan

Office Manager: Cate White

P&C seeking secretary and vice president!

A secretary and vice president are wanted to join President Kirstie Jordison and Treasurer Zaneta Fitzgerald. Everyone is welcome to the children friendly meetings.

Come along to the AGM, Thursday March 16 at the school. The normal meeting is first at 2.45pm, then AGM to briefly follow.

Brekky and Fitness Club on every Thursday

Leanne Bosse has kicked off brekky club and our new “fitness club” hosted by Sarah Booth.

We invite all students and families to join in fitness activities each Thursday morning from 7am and for breakfast from 7.45am.

Fitness club replaces running club, as we want to incorporate a broader experience for the kids and their families. We are planning for the term right now if you have sports or fitness skills you’d like to share for one, two or three weeks this term, please get in touch.

Our first two weeks of fitness club will be teaching personal fitness skills including bodyweight exercises, running/walking drills, stretches and more to enable participants to look after their own personal fitness.

Breakfast Club will be running each week during the term and is looking to create a healthy environment where kids can experience some great breakfasts, see their friends and enjoy the morning.

We are also inviting mums and dads to come along and join their kids for brekky, have a chat and meet other parents and kids.  We are also making a commitment to incorporate nutritious foods with less sugar and more protein to help children through the day.

Brekky club will now cost $2/child or a family (including parent) for $10.  We need 2-3 volunteers 7am-8.30am each week – the more volunteers the lighter the load!  Get in touch with Leanne Bosse or Sarah Booth in you can help.

Call Sarah 0432 690 194 or Leanne 0422 233 548, or email

Watermelons blossoming in School Kitchen Garden

Chappy Ronnie and volunteer Deb made a great start to the garden in the last couple of weeks with students from grades 2-6 learning all about the tools that we will be using in the garden, what they are used for and how to operate them safely.

They have been given a tool quiz and will be issued with their tool licence once their quizzes have been returned and marked. Most students have also had the opportunity to try out for their wheelbarrow licence which will be handed out next week.

Students worked hard this week cleaning out garden beds, topping them up with fresh soil and planting lettuce, tomato and peas seedlings.

The Prep/1 class did a great job of planting purple snow peas and yellow climbing bean seeds in pots, ready to be transplanted into garden beds in a few weeks.  If you are passing by the garden, check out our watermelon bed which has lots of fruit growing at an incredible rate.

School tuckshop is on

Kirstie Jordison will be organising snacks at first break, with Chappy Ronnie and Deb providing the lunchtime dishes. To make the tuckshop more manageable and less time-consuming, there will only be one main lunchtime dish available each week.

If your child does not like what is on offer on a particular Friday, then please provide them with their regular lunch items from home.

Please hand in tuckshop orders written on a paper lunch bag, including name and grade, with the correct money to the school office on Friday mornings before 8.30am, and provide two bags if ordering items for both breaks. If you have any queries, please contact Chappy Ronnie on 0413 135 867.


Sponsor a leaf for the school

For the 30th anniversary of the school last year, the P&C organised an outdoor art installation for Rainbow Beach State School.

You can see it every assembly – brightening up the outdoor area.

And it is not too late to have your leaf added. It is for present and past students and families; staff, and businesses are also welcome to add theirs – each leaf is $30.

Simply purchase one per child or per family with their very own artwork – or send in your business logo, and choose a colour.

Together, this will form a beautiful piece that will brighten our learning environment with special memories. Contact Kirstie from the P&C and ask for a sponsorship form today.

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