Coastguard Launch New Boating Safety Program

 Locals rattle buckets and EFTPOS machines to raise money for Volunteer Coastguard QF17

Locals rattle buckets and EFTPOS machines to raise money for Volunteer Coastguard QF17

A great big thank you to all who helped make our Easter Roadside (and Manta Ray Barges) Collection so successful. The money raised will cover about half of our annual insurance bill.

QF17 has introduced new boating safety programs, designed for people who don’t know much about what to do if the skipper is incapacitated. To date, the response has been extremely positive.

Providing basic self-help boating information could prevent a situation deteriorating into a major rescue. In a worst-case scenario, knowing what to do could be the difference between saving and losing lives.

The course will cost $10 per person or $15 per family. These fees will be waived for participants who apply for Marine Assist subscriptions. The first course is scheduled for Saturday, June 9 and course group size is limited. To register, contact QF17 on 5486 4290.

QF17 is excited about a new format for the Marine Assist Program, designed for adventurous mariners, jet skiers, kayakers and small vessel owners.

Public courses for May and reservations open for June include:

  • White Water and Bar Crossing
  • Marine Radio (Long-range and Short-range courses)
  • Coastal Navigation and Planning a Short Voyage
  • Basic boating for novices
  • First Aid and Resuscitation

We had a very busy time over the school holidays. Our crews spent, on average, four hours per assist, including jump-starts, bar escorts, fuel deliveries, re-positioning drifting vessels and towing to safety.

Have you ever thought about volunteering for QF17? We would really appreciate help in the radio room, assistance with fundraising and/or crew. If you can assist, please call 5486 4290.

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