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Monday morning on a tow back to Tin Can Bay

Monday morning on a tow back to Tin Can Bay

The recent spate of blustery and wet weather conditions tested local mariners’ expertise at mooring skills and weatherproofing their vessels. Unfortunately, several vessels didn’t “pass muster” and decided to self-tour around Tin Can Bay, adjacent waterways or became “bloated through water retention”.

The Coastguard were kept busy with delivery of water pumps to several grateful boat owners and those whose wandering vessels were relocated back to their anchorage. Murphy’s law was applied as the vessels chose the worst of the weather and time of day/night to “do their thing”.

These challenges should remind mariners to confirm the security of their anchoring and the integrity of the vessels’ prevention of water entry strategies BEFORE weather events.

Community courses are continually popular with locals and we encourage you to take advantage of these in November:

  • Marine Radio Operator (required by the government if you own a VHF radio)
  • White Water and Bar Crossing Course
  • First Aid and CPR (CPR expires yearly and First Aid every three years)
  • Night Navigation for small boat owners (and large boats, too)

Interested people are encouraged to contact the base on 5486 4290 or stop by to give their name and contact details logged. Spaces are limited and bookings are essential. Courses range from $75 to $125

Log-on, it’s FREE

Mariners are requested to log on WHENEVER they depart. In case of unforeseen events, loved ones as well as assist vessels have an idea of your general location and not just when crossing the Wide Bay Bar.

Most people, when asked why they don’t log-on respond with, “We are only going just over there and not going very far”.

MOST breakdowns, out of fuel, flat batteries and medical problems occur within five miles of their departure point! It’s a free service and keeps peace of mind.

Speaking of service, do you know that the Coast Guard offers an assist service for breakdowns (much like roadside assist offered by insurance companies and RACQ)? For $65 per year (much cheaper than RACQ) your vessel is covered.

If in need of assist, you are covered from the southern reaches of the Sandy Straits, northern sections of the Sandy Straits, Waddy Point to south of Double Island Point, up to 35 miles out to sea.

In fact, QF17 has negotiated reciprocity agreements with Coast Guard Flotillas at Noosa, Caloundra, Maroochydore, and Sandy Straits to assist you if in need, just as we assist members of their programme. Contact the base on 5486 4290 or stop in for more details.

Not one but two raffles!

First, the wheelbarrow full of Christmas refreshments (valued at over $300), and second, our raffle offering the winner a one-week holiday at Coffs Wyndham/Ramada Resort during the second week of Easter School Holidays (two separate bedrooms, two separate bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, “the full 10 yards”).

These are both now available through our fundraising team members seen at BCF, Woolworths in Cooloola Cove, Dolphin Centre covered area and other selected areas, or you are welcome to visit our base at Norman Point.

Monthly statistics

A total of: 2050 man hours were put in at the base for the month of September; 2010 calls in the radio room; 324 Seawatch vessels and six assists.

One of the services offered by QF17 is Scattering of Ashes. We are more than happy to assist any family who request this service.

On another note, QF17 is supplying bridal party transport for a “grand arrival” at an upcoming wedding.

Volunteers interested in helping Coast Guard Tin Can Bay are always appreciated. If you can help us, it makes it easier to help you when you need us.

Yours in safe boating.

Coast Guard Tin Can Bay

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