Closure of the Gympie Private Hospital

Statement from the Mayor

I was very disappointed to hear this morning of the closure of the Gympie Private Hospital, and what this means for our community. We are a growing region which requires and deserves an increase in our health services, not a reduction.

The fact that the decision hasn’t taken into consideration the needs of our residents is frustrating. I do acknowledge the business aspects of the decision but that brings into question the level of services the state is currently providing in Gympie.

Taking away any health services from our region is going to have a major impact for those who rely on the service. While I acknowledge the state-of-the-art facilities on the coast, to expect residents to travel over an hour for basic procedures is unrealistic. Due to illness or age we know that travelling can be hard, transport maybe an issue, time away from family or work, the cost – these issues haven’t been considered.

On top of the lack of service this decision brings, the loss of employment for our community is also going to have a major impact.

We (Council) will contact the owners to meet with them to assist in exploring other opportunities to maintain the delivery of health services in the Gympie region.

Cr Mayor Curran

Gympie Regional Council

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