Close encounters for our dolphins

Tin Can Bay DolphinsWritten by Norma Sanderson

I’m not sure if anyone had heard, dolphin Mystique had a run in with a shark a few weeks ago. He was side swiped on his left side and received another bite on his back behind the blow hole. Thank goodness he managed to veer away as it could have been serious. He is healing well with only a couple of deep cuts still showing.

When a Dolphin we know is bitten, we do worry and think about other members of the family, especially if we haven’t seen them for a few days.

Mystique and Patch have been busy cleaning up the creek, bringing in some very interesting items they had dug up. Mystique brought in a big live gastropod mollusc, known as a bailer shell. It was photographed and then placed back into the creek by Malcolm, one of our local fisherman.

One visitor recently was heard to say, there were too many rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are placed upon us by the Environmental, Heritage & Protection Agency, allowing us to showcase the Dolphins to the public and to protect these endangered and vulnerable mammals.

What was acceptable 20 or 30 years ago doesn’t apply in this modern age. We need to protect our animal world or they will be extinct in no time, so rules are set.

Please remember to reduce your plastics, we are still finding plastic bait packets and bottles in Snapper Creek.

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