2013 Cooloola Mitre 10 and Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre Cooloola Coast Christmas Lights Competition

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. Entry is FREE and only available to residents, businesses and community organisations of Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove, Tin Can Bay and Wallu.
  2. Only an online entry form will be considered as a legitimate entry into the competition via www.rainbowbeachcommunitynews.com.au.
  3. Entrants are expected to have their displays illuminated for public viewing from December 1, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm with judging 9-13 December between 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm (businesses – business hours) and are encouraged to keep their lights on until Thursday, 26 December 2013. If wet weather occurs back up judging dates are as follows; December 7-8, 2013.
  4. All entrants agree to allow organisers to publicise their name and address in media, including flyers and promotional material and the online map.
  5. By entering this competition you agree to Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News notifying you of details of this and future Christmas Lights competitions.
  6. All entrants agree to allow organisers to publicise photos of their display in media, including the website, flyers and promotional material.
  7. Seven categories include:
  • Cooloola Mitre 10 Best Residential (1st – $250, 2nd – $150, 3rd -$100)
  • Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre People’s Choice (1st – $250, 2nd – $150, 3rd -$100)
  • Smiley Mick Electrical Best Business (lights or window displays or both) $100
  • Rainbow Beach Meats Best Street $100 voucher
  • Rainbow Beach Realty Best Nativity Scene $100
  • Rainbow Beach IGA Best Recycled Material Display $100
  • 4 Rent 4 Sale Best Tree $100
  1. You will only be judged in the categories in which you enter into, except Best Street, which every street with a minimum of two houses entered is automatically included.
  2. The judge/s reserve the right to withhold the prize if there are insufficient entries in the category.
  3. Entrants are eligible to receive one prize only, so prizes are shared in the community (not including Best Street).
  4. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Judging of an entrant will only apply to exterior displays, and will be assessed from the front of the property.
  6. Times of judging will be at the discretion of the judges. Dates of judging will take place from 9-13 December, 2013 between 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm (businesses – business hours).
  7. People’s Choice voting will occur online with instructions posted at www.rainbowbeachcommunitynews.com.au
  8. Displays may be a combination of Christmas lights and decorations only.
  9. Best Recycled Material Display- use contents of your recycling bin or other recyclable material which can be reused in order to make a Christmas Display.
  10. The misuse of electricity can cause injury or death. Entrants must not use any indoor lighting products outdoors and must comply with the safety instructions on all electrical products used. Electrical safety is paramount and must be exercised at all times. Misuse of electricity could lead to your disqualification from the competition.
  11. Inspections by qualified electricians, at the entrant’s expense, to check the safety of the entrant’s display, are recommended.
  12. Householder insurance policies should be checked by each entrant to ensure appropriate cover is available.
  13. Entrants need to consider the impact their display will have on the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and must plan to ensure that any risks are minimised.
  14. Entrants are not to use the footpath, electricity poles, nor any property outside their boundary for any purpose of their display unless they obtain written permission from the relevant authorities.
  15. Rental tenants should seek written permission from their landlords before entering this competition.
  16. For safety and security reasons the organisers recommend that Christmas Lights are designed to be removed and secured overnight. The security of all aspects of the display is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
  17. The organisers and sponsors accept no responsibility for damage, injury, or theft which may occur as a result of your entry into this project.
  18. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Entry may lead to immediate cancellation of an entry and withdrawal of prizes.
  19. The Christmas Lights Competition is designed to encourage community participation and the spirit of giving and sharing. Entrants agree to enter the competition in the spirit in which it was intended and act accordingly.