Cherry picker for hire

New Business - Dave and Janine Fawcett have a cherry picker for hire which is perfect for cleaning and maintenance or pruning trees

Dave and Janine Fawcett have a cherry picker for hire which is perfect for cleaning and maintenance or pruning trees

David and Janine Fawcett moved to Rainbow Beach from Darwin last August and have already decided it will be their forever home.

In an elevated big block overlooking the town, they have already built a large shedl to house their cherry picker.

Their new business is called Rainbow Elevated, where you can hire a cherry picker with a safety briefing for new users, and also pressure cleaning.

Dave is experienced in elevated work platforms and said :” It is my responsibility to give people proper instruction and although a licence is not needed I like to spend time before anyone takes out the machine explaining the safety measures.”

Dave can deliver and set it up for you at your home or you can take it at 8am and drop it back again at 5pm for the introductory offer of only $230 for the full day, or other rates for half days or weekends.

He said “Instead of builders having to hire from out of town, as the cherry picker is already here they can have it onsite right from 8am and don’t lose travel time.

“It’s perfect for homeowners and body corporates who need it for cleaning windows and walls and building maintenance or just to get the trees out of the gutters.

“We have been coming here on holidays for years and wanted to come back, so while we were in South Australia last year, I came up and bought the house – luckily Janine loves it too.”

Dave and Janine have three children. Alana is 32 and an outdoor educator in Cairns, son Brad is 34 and lives in Darwin and works as a production manager in entertainment, and Eloise 28, is an environmental health worker with the Townsville Council; so while they are scattered, this is a great base for the whole family to enjoy.

Janine is a retired teacher but would be happy to do some local supply teaching and Dave was a senior power station controller at Channel Island power station and, after 35 years of shift work, he is happy to settle down now in a town they both love.

You might see Dave driving the taxi around the town too and Janine being a book lover is pleased Rainbow Beach has a library as she enjoys sitting on her veranda and reading in the sunshine.

They both also love the local beaches and National Parks and being able to pick friends up from the Sunny Coast and bring them to Rainbow along the beach from Tewantin.

To contact Dave and Janine just call Dave on 0418 820 892 and say hello.

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