Chappy brings back Sandcastle Competition

After four years at Rainbow Beach State School, Ronnie received a big farewell in 2017

After four years at Rainbow Beach State School, Ronnie received a big farewell in 2017

Chappy Ronnie starts back at Rainbow Beach State School this year and is planning to hold a Sandcastle Competition on Wednesday April 7 to support the Rainbow Beach School P&C Association and the business community.

Chappy Ronnie said the event will be advertised widely, “It’s an added incentive to attract families and visitors to Rainbow Beach in the Easter Holidays.”

A similar competition was held in the 2014 Easter holidays and was a great success with around 16 teams creating some amazing sandcastles.

“Local businesses generously provided fantastic prizes for the event and the then Gympie Mayor, the late Ron Dyne, judged the competition.”

“Sandshapers of Noosa will be available to create a large sand sculpture as an added attraction and judge the various categories around low tide.”

The Community News is proudly sponsoring the event, and Ronnie is seeking more support from local businesses to ensure the competition is a success, by assisting with finance and prizes.

We asked Ronnie how she has come to return to Rainbow Beach after leaving in 2017.

“I have enjoyed working as chaplain at Gympie South School (one of the largest schools in the Gympie area with 485 students), however I have greatly missed the benefits of working in a small school where you have the opportunity to interact and support each child rather than working primarily with children with behavioural issues.

“I like to get to know the parents and other family members of each student, and be part of a small team of dedicated staff creating a fun, interesting and stimulating environment. I also like being connected to the Rainbow Beach community which was always so supportive of the school.”

Initially Ronnie is working Wednesdays to Fridays.We have our youngest daughter and her three children living with us, so there is always plenty of cooking, cleaning and childminding to be done. Our house is a work in progress and we have a large veggie garden that I enjoy working in.”

Ronnie hopes to help students grow veggies in the school garden again, to use in tuckshop, cooking classes and more.

“My plans are to get to know the students who have started since I left and determine how I can best support them and the students who know me already.

“I am looking forward to becoming reacquainted with local businesses, churches and community members; make new connections and find new ways to support the wider school community.

Chappy will be able to get the word out about the Sandcastle Competition on 91.5fm, the local Christian radio station in Gympie, where she volunteers as a board member and an announcer each Friday 6-9pm.

If you would like to contribute or be involved in the Sandcastle Competition, please call Chappy Ronnie on 0413 135 867.

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