Catches from Tin Can Bay Fishing Club

Fishing Club member Ron Cox with a parrot

Fishing Club member Ron Cox with a parrot

Fishing in the Great Sandy Straits and the Tin Can Bay inlet has been generally quiet lately and could be because of the persistent northerly winds.

Members who regularly fish the Mary River at Gympie report that catches of bass, yellowbelly and saratoga have been consistent during the past weeks.

The reef fishing has generally been fairly quiet lately both inside and on the outside reefs.

In the Sandy Straits, tuna species can be seen regularly feeding on the baitfish in the main channel at Inskip to the Bluff area and are worth targeting by casting small metal lures. A number of Spanish mackerel were caught south of Gary’s recently, using skirted lures.

Diver whiting have been hard to find lately, so you have to move around a bit to find where they are on the day. Targeting summer whiting with live yabbies in the shallows should show results this time of year and the odd flathead may be a welcome by catch when targeting the whiting.

A few small to just legal-sized bream have been seen in the shallows throughout the bay and may be worth targeting with yabbies or small strips of mullet.

With the warmer weather it could also be worth targeting mangrove jacks in the creeks using mullet strips or live bait.

The recent downpour of rain may trigger the fish to feed again and will encourage the muddies to start moving, so with a bit of luck go out and give it a try.

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