Campaign for Hospital

With a mix of aged residents and young families making up the majority of our local community, combined with the influx of tourists across peak holiday times and high volume of backpackers in Rainbow Beach, we certainly have the numbers to warrant our own community hospital.

Our permanent population is now over 6 000, made up of 2 500 in Tin Can Bay, 2 500+ in Cooloola Cove and approximately 1 000 in Rainbow Beach.

Town planning projects our region is capable of supporting up to 16 000 persons, yet we have no hospital. There are towns in Queensland with populations as low as 2 000 that have a community hospital.  For 50 years, Crown Land next to the Ambulance Station in Tin Can Bay has been set aside.

Dr Peter Martin, retired Practice Principal of Cooloola Coast Clinic and Rainbow Beach Medical Practice said, “We need an accident and emergency unit, especially after hours and a helipad as the long distance to Gympie, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane is problematic.

“Patients would benefit from a day surgery to bring more specialists in and a short stay ward to stabilise and observe acutely ill or injured patients before transfer or discharge would be beneficial.

“We need local politicians to support this proposal and they will if there is a demonstrable groundswell of support from local residents,” he said.

Tony Perrett, Member for Gympie said, “I’m keen to play an active role in support of the Cooloola Coast needs and I look forward to the community discussion round this proposal.”

To express your support,  join the steering committee as an individual or as a representative of one of the local community organisations, please email:

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