Call 000

by Cheryl Zunic, Cooloola Coast Local Ambulance Committee Treasurer, 54868070

With the new Ambulance Station nearing completion in Rainbow Beach, it is timely to remind people requiring an ambulance to ring 000 in all instances and not attend the station.

The officers may be out on a call and away from base. By not ringing 000 immediately, unnecessary delays could occur in attending to the person requiring medical attention.

The Queensland Ambulance Service is promoting a free online game or app for smartphones called Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge. This fun game helps teach children about how to recognise an emergency, how to call Triple Zero, and the importance of knowing your address and phone number.

It can downloaded from App Store (apple devices), Google Play (android devices) or play online at

Another helpful tool is the Emergency+ smartphone app, where you will be able to give emergency services your exact location if away from home. This will ensure that help is sent to the right place in the fastest possible time. It is also available free of charge from iTunes, Google Play and Windows stores.

And a final request to residents of Rainbow Beach. Officers have reported problems again with identifying house numbers stencilled on driveways, particularly at Rainbow Shores. Please ensure that leaf litter is cleared from the house number and that it is kept clearly visible at all times.

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