Caitlyn Shadbolt headlines the Rainbow Beach Spring Festival

RB Spring Festival - July 15It didn’t take long for 2015 to follow suit from Caitlyn Shadbolt ‘s extraordinary year in 2014, when she made it to the TOP 5 on X-Factor Australia. The country songbird’s first post-X Factor single, ‘Maps out the Window’ took iTunes by storm upon it’s release in January 2015, launching itself straight to number one on the iTunes country charts, topping Taylor Swift.

The Gympie country princess, already a household name, has regular appearances on CMC with her new music video ‘Maps out the Window’ and now spends her time playing at acclaimed festivals, and warming up huge crowds for the likes of Thirsty Merc, Adam Brand, Lee Kernaghan, The Wolfe Brothers and more.

Caitlyn_Press approved image (Small)

Caitlyn has a maturity beyond her years and while still only 19 years of age, she brings her own unique flavour to the stage through her energetic performance and leaves every crowd wanting more.

Known as Gympie’s own ‘pocket rocket’, her contagious energy, infectious enthusiasm and angelic voice make her a perfect package.

Caitlyn says, ‘I’m so excited to show Australia more country music and continue on a career that has no expiry date’.

Keep a look out for Caitlyn Shadbolt, she is going to be ‘the next BIG thing’. See her at the Rainbow Beach Spring Festival September 5, at Rainbow Beach Community Centre.

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