Business and Tourism News December 2018

Shores development proposed for Golf Course

The Golf Course has been sold, and a development application for a subdivision has been submitted to Council.

The  39 residential allotments would be accessed from Wyvern Road, off Rainbow Shores Drive.

Rainbow Beach underground power update

Council allocated a budget of $340,00 this financial year as part of the Capital Works program. This Capital Works budget is to go towards placing the power lines underground and install new street lights in the main street of Rainbow Beach (between Clarkson Drive and the foreshore).

This project is in partnership with Energex and details are still being worked on regarding the logistics of placing the power underground. Once confirmed, Council will update the community, including the design and dates for construction.

A new car park for Rainbow Beach

The parking overflow area on the corner of Rainbow Beach Rd and Green Valley Drive was identified as part of the “Our Towns” consultation process undertaken in 2016.

Residents who participated in that process identified the need for better pedestrian and cycling routes, as well as improvements to the streetscape in the main street as the highest priorities.

The parking overflow area is part of a longer term vision for the area. There is currently no funding allocated to it.

Dolphins receive a Christmas breakfast

Norma Sanderson

Word has got around about the dolphins at Tin Can Bay with a steady stream of visitors everyday.

Unfortunately we have been having a few issues with a couple of pelicans wanting to be in on the act of fish feeding. We try to scare them off with waving flags, but they can be very persistent.

Christmas will be upon us very soon so we are preparing for a bumper season. Let’s hope the dolphins will accommodate and visit regularly during the festive season.

We wish everyone a wonderful family Christmas and a happy new year.  A reminder that we will be feeding the dolphins on Christmas Day even though the cafe will not be open for general trading.

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