Bush to the Beach kids are coming

The drought is still going on out west, and worse than ever in many areas. The only time it will break is with summer rains, so the wait is on…

We have the Bush to the Beach kids arriving at Cathy House, Tin Can Bay on September 9. The group will be made up of Ilfracombe and Muttaburra schools. The children will be aged between 6-12 years. A couple of teachers as well as two or three parents will accompany the group as well.

The group will be here for nearly a week and we hope to have an evening at the Hall with them, children from Rainbow Beach, and sponsors of the event. Maybe a BBQ and a few drinks, as well!

I have been in touch with Australia Zoo, Underwater World and others so that these children have a great time here.

Our work continues in taking supplies to needy farming families, as this drought is in its fifth year, and many properties do not qualify for Household Support.

With such a load on our June trip out west, we had the caravan as well. Most of our donations lately have been coming from Victoria, with one family donating $1500. Maybe their economy is far better than Queensland’s?

I must thank the IGAs at Rainbow and Tin Can Bay for having a donation trolley. Also Revlon for a wonderful donation, the Watts family for food supplies, and other donations delivered to School of Distant Education and Ilfracombe.

Our next run of food supplies to Longreach will be around mid-August, so if anyone can drop a can of soup, baked beans or anything to the IGAs it would be most appreciated.

Tony Stewart.  54868666.  rainbowfishing@southernphone.com.au

Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners.. BSB 124047  A/C 22599186

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