Bush to Beach kids visit in spring

by Tony Stewart

The Kids Bush to the Beach group from out Longreach way should be coming to Tin Can Bay around the third week of September.

With no rainfall in a large area of South-West Queensland, dust is flying and any rain now will only grow herbage. Many are packing up and leaving the area as depression sets in and Central West Queensland goes into a fifth year of drought.

After nearly two years and nine loads of supplies it looks as though this work will continue – how can you stop now?

As I pack supplies for the next load for mid-June, I must thank all those that have donated, including the Tin Can Bay Hotel-Motel Social Club, from Victoria through the sale of sheep and lambs, our IGAs and anonymous donors – even $1 will buy a litre of Long Life Milk.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Times will change around and people will repay the coastal community with holidays here like they used to – they are wonderful people in the Bush.

Droughtrunners is now GST registered, if you can help with any donations, there is a trolley at the IGAs, or contact Droughtrunners on 0408767930.

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