Boomerang Bags Rainbow Beach

Boomerang Bags Rainbow Beach at the MarketsBoomerang Bags Rainbow Beach had a very successful morning at the Saturday Markets, giving out 50 bags and around 20 produce bags and, more importantly, getting the word out there.

Thanks to Maryann and Peter for all their help on the day, and to our wonderful bag makers working behind the scenes doing the hard yards.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge the few business that have supported us so far. The Rainbow Sands Motel for the use of their conference room to do our thing, Tony from Rainbow Beach Tin Can Bay Signs for donating our beautiful sign, Leanne and the gang from Sea Salt Café for the very generous donation of the new screen to make our pockets and the Community News for giving us a bit of space each month… Thanks so much guys.

We really need more helpers to keep this project going and growing. You don’t need to sew. We need people to print, cut, sort, iron, make coffee. You don’t need to attend our get-together, we can give you a take-home pack so you can sew/cut at your leisure. We would love to have enough bags to give out on a regular basis.

If you can help in any way big or small please message Barb on 0423841062.


Barb Rees

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