BJ Parton

Fellow boardriders, as you all know, the cold has hit and it has hit hard! That’s okay if you’re from Victoria, but for us, it’s cold!. It doesn’t stop us from enjoying the sunshine and glassy waters though.

All are welcome to join us for a surf on July 14. Please meet us at 9am, out the front of Rainbow. Bring the groms,your mal and some snacks.

The Memorial Classic will be held in December and we are in great need of fundraising to support this event. If you have any ideas or are able to help with fundraising initiatives, please come forth and let us know! Cal BJ on 0419 929 037.

# TIP: Winter is the time of year to enjoy a fire on the beach, sit around with good mates and discuss future swell. Please remember, after you are finished with your fire, do not leave it to burn. Make sure the fire is out and clearly marked to warn people walking and cars driving along the beach.

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