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boardriders jul 15With a few things happening around the community lately the comps and market dates have become a little muddled around, so we are getting back on track this month.

Dates for the next comps are July 4 and 18, meeting at the beach front 8am for a 9am start (BBQ supplied).

We have set a date for our Memorial Surf Classic to be held on Saturday November 28, 2015. Tides are right, moons are right… what more could we ask for?

The June comp was a pretty cruisey one with Nick Lattanzi taking home ‘Winner of the day’.

Joshy would have won but he had a few drop in moments and we all know what happens when you drop in on someone! It was drop ins with style and a little turn.

Thank you to all who come and support us and Parrot – where would we be without the cook? The boardriders appreciate everything you do.

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