Big fish at Wolf Rock Dive

Wolf Rock Dive - Bull rays at Wolf Rock

Bull rays at Wolf Rock

We have been treated with amazing weather over the festive season and running trips out to Wolf Rock every day.

We have had high numbers of grey nurse sharks now sitting in 26m and daily sightings of bull rays, Queensland grouper, loggerhead turtle, eagle ray, schooling barracuda, batfish, travelly and more.

The currents and visibility vary each day, but on average we have 15m and a moderate current on the Rock.

We have a local visiting loggerhead turtle who sits at the base of our mooring line; divers regularly think it is stuck, but he wedges himself under the line and gives his shell a good scratch!

The large number of bull rays (also known as round ribbon ray) on the top of the site this month are believed to be congregating in a mating ritual.

Similar to the manta ray, a large female is normally pursued by dozens of males attempting to woo her. They circle around on top of the pinnacles with the males taking it in turns to approach from above and shadow the female’s movements.

With all the big fish on the dive site it’s easy to miss the small stuff, but for those Finding Nemo fans among you, we also have starry-eyed puffer fish, moorish idol, boxer shrimps and anemone fish.

Hopefully the great weather continues. For bookings and more information please contact 07 5486 8004.