Best ways to settle into a new neighbourhood

by Elisa Seule

There is no doubt that since COVID the housing market has been hit by a higher demand, to the joy of sellers, and making it possible for buyers to invest or move into our town.

A tip on how to integrate in a new community is to do proper research on the town before you move to the area. Buying in an open space area surrounded by semi-wild nature might not be for everybody!

There are a few common reasons behind moving into a new area, and looking for a new lifestyle is one of the major ones. Settling in, and fitting in, can be challenging, so here are some tips to make it easier to live like a local:

  • Educating yourself on the new community can help you maintain local rules of ‘respect’ and prevent miscommunication or offending your new neighbours.
  • Give yourself time, it is essential that those relocating allow themselves a period of adjustment.
  • Simply living like a local can often be one of the best ways to integrate yourself into the community, and in turn, your new life. Take walks to the beach, enjoy the local food and coffee places, attend the markets, explore our natural gems.
  • Learn about the unique environment of the area and help protect it. The library has a wide range of books with local knowledge.

In general, we can all provide local tips, and introduce our new neighbours to their new home.

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