Asthma sufferers take care

As bushfires continue to wreak havoc, people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions are urged to pay closer attention to the worsening of their symptoms.

This message has been endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia alongside other potential triggers such as thunderstorms.

The presence of smoke from bushfires increases air pollution which in turn irritates the lining of the lungs triggering inflammation and breathing difficulties. Whilst patients with asthma and other respiratory conditions should pay close attention, children and elderly may also be susceptible and house-hold contacts should keep a close eye on these vulnerable groups.

Asthmatics and patients with other respiratory conditions should continue to take their preventer medication as prescribed and have their reliever medication and Asthma Action Plan on them at all times.

It’s important for patients to familiarise themselves with emergency protocol in the event the worst happens.

In the case of an emergency where reliever therapy does not ease symptoms don’t hesitate to call triple 0. Others measures that can be taken include staying indoors and keeping doors, windows, and air vents shut as well as during car travel.

Any other queries get in contact with your local doctor or local pharmacy so you can stay on top of it this bushfire season.

Richard O’Donohue
Rainbow beach Pharmacy

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