An exciting end to the Fishing Classic

Rainbow Beach Fishing Classic 2017Numbers were up in the Adults this year, as the 31st Rainbow Beach Fishing Classic moved back to school time, from a few years in the winter holidays.

Family participation was strong however, and relatives and friends pipped each other on the leader board through the competition. Dave Arthur wiped his partner’s Susie Faulkner’s name off the Jewfish Category, only to have her name return  a few minutes later.

There was also a tussle between father and son Rob and Kale Fullarton with flatheads. Absolute devotee Mason Bignell was rewarded with the coveted Peter Brady Trophy.

At the very last, in the $10 000 draw down, Shauna McCauley and Elizabeth Alchin kept themselves distracted whilst number after number was drawn from the barrel.  The best friends from Cooloola Cove were so excited to be in the last three – then the only ones standing for the final two prizes. the crowd were thrilled for the young mums, as Shauna brought home the major prize of the week.

A big thank you to all sponsors, participants, volunteers and to the Sports Club for hosting the event.

Open Adult Cadet Open Adult Cadet Junior
Red Emperor 15.160 Steven Grills 7.515

Jack Francis

Tailor 2.900 Cedric Byrne 1.185

Ethan Grundy


Rhys Fischer

Snapper 7.335

Aaron Hall

5.290 Jackson Cash Bream 1.090

Larry  Brigginshaw


Molly Wandery-Jones


Charlie Wandery-Jones

Parrot 9.425

Peter Hollis

2.320 Lleyton Browne Whiting .530

Jason Russel

.425 Lachlan Russel .330 Zachery Russell
Pearl Perch 4.635 Neville Stutz 1.410 Jacquie Otto Dart .840

Gay Enkelmann


Ethan Grundy


Rhiley Griffiths

Sweet Lip 5.610 Adrian Birtic 4.545

Harry Emms

Flathead 2.900 Robert Fullarton 1.865

Rieley Schultz

1.410 Masen Baeb
Big Fish

Spanish Mackeral


John Fischer

Jew Fish 11.585 Susie Faulkner

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