Alternative activities if you don’t fish during the Rainbow Beach Fishing Classic

Spot a whale from the headland Image Wolf Rock Dive

Spot a whale from the headland Image Wolf Rock Dive

If you’re not fishing, but have come along to support the anglers in your family, here are a few ideas to keep you happy before the weigh-ins and entertainment at the Sports Club each night!

Friday July 21

Arrive in Rainbow Beach – take a walk to the lookout and propeller, you may just spot a whale! Familiarise yourself with the cafés, before the first night of the Classic. If you haven’t visited Rainbow for a year there will be lots of changes for you, including a brand new playground and picnic facilities north of the Surf Club!

Saturday July 22

It’s time for the Community Centre Market on the Rainbow Beach Centre Block: fruit and vege, local craft and more!

Sunday Kids’ Day July 23

You’ll be welcomed at church, and at the Top Shops Crafts – open Sundays 10am-2pm. Jumping castles, face painting and balloons are all free for the kids at the Classic after 3pm. Every child on the day entered into the competition will receive a gift bag.

Monday July 24

If you are not fishing, indulge in a lie-in and a lazy breakfast in one of our many eateries. Or join a gym class at 7.45am. If you have littlies – the library have a free First 5 Forever session at 10-11am.

Tuesday Veteran’s Day July 25

Today you could visit either of a couple of welcoming groups – Rainbow’s Arts and Craft Group, at Church of the Good Shepherd Hall in Carlo Road or Tin Can Bay Quilters, Tin Can Bay Community Complex (where the road from Cooloola Cove meets the Tin Can Bay Road). Both start at 9am.

Wednesday July 26

At 9am join in on a Mahjong/Games morning at the Church of the Good Shepherd Hall. Is today the day for a long lunch? With our pub, clubs and cafes there’s lots to choose from. Then take in some retail therapy in Rainbow – even our IGA and pharmacy has gifts and clothes – enjoy a leisurely shop down our main street.

Say Bingo! and support the Local Ambulance Committee, Thursday mornings at Tin Can Bay Country Club

Say Bingo! and support the Local Ambulance Committee, Thursday mornings at Tin Can Bay Country Club

Thursday Ladies’ Day July 27

If you aren’t involved in Ladies’ Day, drive over to Tin Can Bay Country Club and support the Local Ambulance committee with a flutter at bingo or visit the Craft Club at Tin Can Bay Community Complex. Visit the gift shop called Jilly’s whilst you are there. There’s also Art Workshops at Rainbow Beach Library 10am today, morning tea provided.

Friday July 28

Choose from a gym class or aqua aerobics. Browse the artworks at Cooloola Coast Art Group Art Show and Photography Competition starts today at Tin Can Bay Country Club.

Saturday July 29

The art show is on again at the Tin Can Bay Country Club, book in for golf whilst you are there.

After the event, look out for your snap in the August Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News and on our facebook page! Remember you can read the paper online, all year round – handy if you don’t live here.

Must Do’s

  • Check out our tours – book one for any day of the comp. You can visit Fraser Island, the iconic Coloured Sands or indulge in some extreme adventure – from kayaking with whales to a beach horse ride.
  • Kids would love to see wild dolphins and Tin Can Bay is one of the few places in Australia you can feed them. Fees apply.
  • Or you can hire a kayak or canoe – it’s a great way to see our beautiful waterways.
  • Stroll up to the sandblow. Kids love exploring – you can take the longer walk from the National Parks’ office or drive up to the top of Cooloola Drive and walk in.
  • If you are still looking for adventure drive out to Inskip Point, with water on every side, pack a picnic and paddle in the calm waters.
  • Try a massage or beauty treatment  – you’ll be really relaxed for the weigh-in.
  • If you are feeling physical – bushwalk to Lake Poona, picnic at Bymien and stop in at Seary’s Creek on the way home.
  • 4WD up to Double Island Point. Organise your day pass with QPWS, and view the beautiful Coloured Sands on the way.

Find out more from our Community News Visitor’s Guide.

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