A wonderful walk for International Women’s Day

Some of the attendees of the 2022 Twilight walk. Photo by Jenni Jackson.

Some of the attendees of the 2022 Twilight walk. Photo by Jenni Jackson.

Twenty-eight people registered for this year’s Twilight Walk along the Tin Can Bay foreshore for our International Women’s Day annual event. The hot and humid weather plus the excess of mosquitoes, midges, and other bities after all our rain, as well as commitments elsewhere, kept some of last year’s participants away.

Once again, we were spoilt by the wonderful Tin Can Bay QCWA Ladies, who provided a most welcome feast of fresh fruit plus cold water and cuppas. Platters of cut pineapple, strawberries, oranges, watermelon were devoured by the noisy, cheerful walkers, thanks to the seven Country Women’s Association members.

President Wendy was delighted with the $130 raised that evening for the QCWA State Rural Crisis Fund, as we were mindful of our Gympie Region and beyond devastating flooding disaster.  Not a bad effort considering people were unprepared for the donation fundraiser.

Wendy had asked me if I had a “wet weather plan”?  When I replied “No, no plan B!”, Wendy suggested that we may be able to use the RSL veranda, or maybe even inside the RSL Hall.   Thanks to Wendy for contacting RSL President Don and his supportive agreement, we were happy to accept this change of plan for our celebration.

While discussing the different starting stations of the Twilight Walk with Judy Kiddle, Heart Foundation Walk Organiser for the “Cooloola Cove Wheelie Walkers”, I decided upon a change for next year.

Of course, we all are looking forward to the Cod Street to Norman Point Boardwalk being open.  Why not ALL Twilight Walkers start at Norman Point? We can have different pick up stations, from which our wheelie walkers and short distance walkers can be collected and transported to the RSL Hall?

Maggie Travers

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