A super sports day!

Rainbow Beach State School - Daniel Green PE Teacher and Dan Stanieg

Daniel Green PE Teacher and Dan Stanieg

We had our Athletics Carnival recently and it was great to see our students participating in all the events, and great to see so many parents and families come down show our wonderful students your support.

This term, our staff are implementing a 20-minute writing session, three days a week, throughout the school. Each class will be divided into three groups with two of the groups participating in an explicit writing agenda and the third group focusing on handwriting and/or computer processing skills.

The purpose of the writing agenda is to develop and extend students writing skills within the Australian Curriculum and the year level achievement standards. Our planning sessions have focused on short, sharp writing skills with real time feedback, with the intention of providing some fun in their writing.

As a teacher and a parent, I understand how sickness spreads through a school and a household, however I also understand the importance of attending school for not only academic but for social and emotional development.

We have a great school and a good safe vibe, so if your child/ren are not willing to come to school then a discussion with their teacher and myself is a must.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dates to remember for August – Monday 12 – 16 August, Book Fair “Dino Mite Stomp, Chom, Read’!

Dan Stanieg

Narratives are at the centre of writing this term, however week one was also about recounting our holiday adventures. Following are some samples of week one writing.

Maddie Lee and The Hoop Snake

One hot summer day in the Outback, a nine year old girl called Maddie Lee was walking with her pet lizard called Gem. Maddie and Gem loved to go for walks together. As they walked passed some large trees, they heard a hissing noise from the bushes

IT WAS A HOOP SNAKE!!! It jumped out of the bushes and hissed at Maddie. Maddie was so frightened that she screamed. It was the loudest scream ever.

The Hoop Snake dropped to the ground and died from the terrible sound. They never saw The Hoop Snake again.

Narrative by Skye Hanlon

My Holiday

My holiday was very fun. I got to do so many amazing things.

The first few days we relaxed. On Tuesday, we went to Gympie to do some errands. I got some paint for my wooden dragon.

On Wednesday, we went to Gympie again with our friend Zarya! We went to the Bone Museum with her.

During the second week, my cousin and her friend came to visit us. We went to the Coloured Sands and the Lighthouse. We saw whales, dolphins, goannas and a turtle. The turtle waved at us! My cousins left.

On the last day of the holiday, I hurt my leg. I fell out of the car when I was washing it.

That’s the end of my holiday.

Recount by Keira


Friday September 6,
P & C Trivia Night.
Get your teams together.
Come and have a fun night and help the kids!

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