A “stroll” through the wildflowers

Smiles all round after a thoroughly enjoyable wildflower walk

Smiles all round after a thoroughly enjoyable wildflower walk

by Barb Rees

It was a lovely day for a walk I thought. How nice I thought. Just a leisurely stroll through a bit of bush admiring some of our native wildflowers I thought. Then back to town for a cuppa before lunch I thought.

I should have known better!

Meeting up at the library I was greeted by the ever smiling Caroline, who seems to be involved in so many events around town, as well as other happy faces both familiar and new.

Forest Boronia

Forest Boronia

Off we went down Carlo Rd to a little track that takes you all the way to Inskip Point Rd. I have been down this track many a time but never had I noticed so many varieties of flowers. They were everywhere.

Mary had kindly printed out a list of the flora we could expect to find and find them we did. Some were obvious; others took a bit of searching and scratching around, from the towering Banksia aemula (Wallum Banksia) to minuscule Boronia rivularis (Wide Bay Boronia).

Every step taken was accompanied by oohs and ahhs and more often than not “What’s this one called Mary?”

Ambulance Flower Show time

If you’d like more flowers than visit the Local Ambulance Committee Flower Show on Saturday, from 9.30am October 1 at the Tin Can Bay Community Centre.

See the beautiful flower arrangements, photography competition, stalls, raffles and plants for sale as well as morning and afternoon teas, and all proceeds go towards helping our Cooloola Coast Ambulance Service. See you there!

Thirteen people joined in the fun, one from as far away as Manangatang in Victoria, and all agreed it was a wonderful outing. As sisters Rosalie and Heather (from Bundy and Brisbane) stated, “This is what we love about Rainbow Beach, it is such a great little community and to have this chance to get out and discover all these beautiful wildflowers is just fantastic. We had a great time.”

What a wonderful little piece of paradise we have right here in Rainbow Beach. If you ever have a spare hour or two do yourself a favour and get out there and discover our incredible wallum wildflowers…. just don’t forget to look down, that’s where most of the action is!

Two hours after starting out I headed home with a big smile on my face……. just a little walk I thought.

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