A rare sighting for Wolf Rock Dive

Bow Mouth Guitar Shark or ‘Shark Ray’

Bow Mouth Guitar Shark or ‘Shark Ray’

We have been lucky enough for a rare sighting on Wolf Rock this week. A Bow Mouth Guitar Shark or ‘Shark Ray’ is a beautifully strange looking creature with the flattened face of a stingray and the fins of a shark.

Normally in deep waters up to 90m this is a species of the ‘Ray’ family who enjoy sitting on sandy or rocky bottoms near large structures.

It’s distinctive spotted pattern is similar to that of the whale shark and it has thorny ridges all over it’s head and back.

This species is labelled ‘vulnerable’ due to fishing for meat and valuable fins, all the more reason to celebrate its visit to the Rock.

Our Marine Sanctuary is covered in fish life, with large groupers hanging around this month.

We’ve also had some raging current! Not only fun for the divers, the bull and eagle rays love the current on top of the pinnacles and cruise around effortlessly.

Marine Parks and Wildlife celebrated winning an award of Innovation for their work monitoring and tagging our resident grey nurse sharks.

With listening stations installed, the tagged sharks can be tracked and lots more information is being gathered about their daily/weekly/monthly habits. For more information and bookings please contact 07 5486 8004

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