A new dolphin!

Norma Sanderson  

Excitement at the Dolphin Centre last month with a strange dolphin coming in with Mystique and Ella. We feel this dolphin has been a previous feeder as it was comfortable with the volunteers giving it fish.

In the past we had seen him in the creek during the feeding of Mystique and Patch but then didn’t come too close. We are hoping that he will rejoin in the feeding and take fish from the public. Fingers crossed! There is a possibility it was Harmony, but we wait for confirmation from our researcher.

Mystique was missing for a few days as he had been out there fighting with other male dolphins, presumably over mating. He was badly raked (teeth scraping marks) on his body. Thank goodness the healing process only takes a couple of weeks and he is starting to look good.

The water is warmer during the summer so the dolphins are showing their base colour of pink on the underbelly and rostrum. We are blessed with having the most concentrated numbers of the Australian humpback dolphins in Australia within the Tin Can Bay Inlet and Southern Sandy Straits region.

Be careful when out there in your boats so as not to injure dolphins, dugongs and turtles.

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