A new dolphin arrives

Aussie with her new calf ‘Luna’

Aussie with her new calf ‘Luna’

Norma Sanderson

We are all very excited at the Dolphin Centre as, ‘Aussie’ has brought in her new dolphin calf!

We hadn’t seen Aussie since late May, so when she arrived with this little torpedo of a dolphin, we couldn’t believe it.

Aussie has only been feeding at the Dolphin Centre off-and-on for about 12 months and we did think she was in calf.

It is surprising that a new mum would bring in her two-day-old calf and continue doing so each day.

When ‘Ella’ brought in ‘Joe’, who is now around 16 months old, she showed us the offspring; then disappeared for a couple of weeks. This shows the trust these dolphins have with us.

Aussie’s new calf is thought to be a boy and he is named ‘Luna’ as he was born around the full moon at the end of May.

We hope nothing untoward happens to our calves as we wish to showcase them to you and visitors during the school holidays. We invite locals to the centre to see the newest offspring.

Remember, if you are a local resident you do not pay for entry to the centre, just pay for feeding.

We have had the pleasure recently of visits from Dean Jones from Seaworld who has been researching these dolphins for over ten years. He has taken lots of photos of the new calf to add to his collection.

See you there!