A mother of a month

Editor Note - Michelle Gilmore May 2021The last weeks of autumn will be a walking month for me, I’ve just this minute, signed up for The May 50K. I’ll be walking at least 50K this month – which is probably not much different to what I normally do, but…

The mums involved have planned a 15km walk to Inskip Point on May 16. ‘The Sandy Soles of Rainbow’ have raised $1652 so far, if you’d like to donate to the group for multiple sclerosis, themay50k.org is the place to visit.

So, I’ll be training! No doubt with lots of calorie burn and laughs along the way.

I know I say it a lot, but we are lucky to live in this walker’s paradise. It is a delight, and no surprise we were nominated as a Tourist Top Town.

Plus I am sure I wasn’t the only one this year, who simply appreciated that public commemoration of ANZAC Day was an option in 2021. Well done to our RSL Sub Branches for their touching services.

This month there are a whole lot of events happening – the Bay to Bay, Cooloola Farm Trail, Rosella Festival and Warbirds was on the long weekend, with a Volunteer Expo, cultural awareness training and a kids’ fishing clinic coming up – they learn to catch live bait!

Locals have another long weekend, thanks to the Gympie Show. Forage hosts a smorgasbord of foodie fun, and I’m looking forward to checking out some farms, the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival or a long lunch!

I have handpicked a full page of ‘Creative Cuts’ – events for artists, bookworms and music lovers, plus wrap up coastal Under 5 activities to keep mums (as well as dads and carers) happy.

We’re so sorry to hear the stresses families are going through finding somewhere to live on the Cooloola Coast. Our housing article investigates some of the strategies to make more houses available for people to live and work here.

I’m thinking, too, of all the mums and family members missing each other, or where May 9  could be a day of sorrow and memories.

To my dearest mum, Pat and ‘bestest’ mother-in-law, Judy – you are loved. You are two dynamos who inspire your family every day. To all mums and mother figures, Happy Mother’s Day!

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