A family fun night at Swim Club!

Eager swimmers from the Rainbow Warriors swim club

Eager swimmers from the Rainbow Warriors swim club

Thursdays have been a great success with over 15 swimmers and their parents there for support, and of course the social aspect of the evening.

It is such a great experience for our local children to keep in contact with each other in and out of school. Most of our children attend different schools, but when they all show up to swimming it’s lovely to see the connection and how much they miss each other.

Why not come along and enjoy the atmosphere, family fun, support and a feeling you can only get from being involved in the community spirit! From 5pm Thursdays!

Eight weeks and the season will be up and the pool will be closed again for the winter. So come on in and get your body moving or get the kids in for lessons before it’s too late!

Remember accidents in the water don’t just happen when it’s warm. Teach your kids to swim and be safe around the water. It’s never too late to save you or your child or someone you know who struggles in the water. Prevention is the best intention.

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