A big thank you

The members of Neighbourhood Watch would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the fabulous work over the last few years of dedication by the previous committee members, Area Coordinator, Sue Johnson and Treasurer/Secretary, Brian Johnson.

Our love goes to Sue and Fay for our loss of Brian.

Many thanks to the participants who raised their hands to fill this important position at the AGM, Fax Dixon, Di Simpson and Jane Lister. All locals are very welcome to attend our meetings.

We still have “hooning” in cars, particularly in Cooloola Cove. Our local police have been very busy with speeding offences, unregistered vehicles, unlicensed drivers and a good number of drug offences.

Please, if you see any of this behavior going on, ring the police. If you think it is life threatening ring 000, or otherwise ring 13 14 44.

Contact: Fay 5488 0514 or Di 0408 599477

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